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What is teeth whitening?

It is an aesthetic dental procedure that aims to restore the natural color of your teeth, thanks to the properties of oxygen to oxidize the molecules of stains from coffee, tobacco, red wine, etc.

Origin of discolorations (Stains)

Discolorations are divided into two groups depending on the factors that cause the stains:

  1. External factors such as food, colored drinks and tobacco
  2. Internal factors can be tetracycline, fluoride, as well as genetic reasons, which are more difficult to treat with traditional whitening methods.

How does teeth whitening work?

The main ingredient in the whitening gel is oxygen peroxide, which penetrates inside the structure of the teeth by oxidizing the color molecules (yellow in the case of coffee colors), and their extraction through dehydration.

  1. The whitening material used in dental clinics is not the same as those sold in stores or pharmacies, as the dental products are professional and should only be used by dentists.
  2. Pharmacies and cosmetic stores cannot sell whitening material containing more than 6% peroxide, while dental clinics use up to 35% HP.

Laser teeth whitening or not?

To be clear, the “laser” utilized to whiten teeth is actually just an LED light with magical powers. For a long while, Zoom was the only manufacturer selling lights, so this was the only standard. The reason for this is because insufficient scientific research was conducted to confirm whether light had any impact on bleaching quality. Experience has shown that Toronto Dental opposes “laser” use because the amount of whitening achieved remains unchanged. Sometimes the light makes the patient more sensitive, which makes it impossible for the therapy to be completed successfully. For a period of five years, Toronto Dental does not advise laser teeth whitening since it has no beneficial effects and greatly raises the expense of

How much will my teeth be whitened by this treatment?

This depends on the amount and type of existing color of your teeth. Professional whitening does not color the teeth with any type of white pigment, it simply removes the yellow color absorbed over the years in the internal structure of the teeth. There is no correct answer to this question. The level of the result depends on the amount of stains and their type. For example, discolored teeth caused by fluoride or tetracycline are more difficult to treat than discolored teeth caused by coffee, wine, and green tea.

How long do whitening results last?

This depends on: the foods you consume (colored or colorless), smoking, oral hygiene and how regular you are with the dentist’s cleanings.

Can blackened teeth be whitened without nerve?

Yes, the treatment is called “internal bleaching”. The old filling is removed and the tooth is treated once a week for a minimum of a week.

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