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Dental Implants cost

  • The cost of implants in Tirana varies from €300 – €1200. Why this difference?
  • What factors make the difference in cost?
  • In this article we will try to explain this difference.

1- Dental Implant brand

Dental implants are made in the world by hundreds of different companies. The most reputable ones among them have many years of experience in the field, conduct ongoing scientific study to enhance the techniques for implant placement, and create various instruments for situations ranging from simple to complex. Costs are greater for more prestigious businesses with the greatest design quality, tools, and equipment for implants. The cost of placing an implant increases with its brand’s popularity.

This does not imply that the pricey brand performs better than the budget-friendly one. The implant has the potential to become a part of your body in both situations, but depending on the circumstances, a more costly brand may provide additional solutions that a less expensive brand has not.

We had patients who had implants placed ten years before who needed to have certain portions of the implant system replaced with new retention screws, and the manufacturer did not have the necessary parts on hand. Alternatively, the business has declared bankruptcy.

When selecting an implant brand, use caution. Verify if these are esteemed global corporations.

2- Dental implant system

Following the implant’s integration phase in the body, which lasts between four and six months, your dentist measures the implant, logs its location, and has the crown of your tooth made by a dental laboratory to affix it to the implant. An adapter component is required to attach the crown to the implant. It can be attached by adhering to the implant or by using a screw that can be tightened to a specific torque and is able to be unfurled and repositioned as necessary without causing damage to the tooth’s crown. The second approach, known as screw retained, is now the best one that is advised to prevent implant failure prematurely. Only the “screw retained” method is used by Toronto Dental!

uses only the “screw retained” system!

The “screw retained” system is without a doubt superior to the adhesive one. These two systems make another difference in the cost of the dental implant. Always ask your dentist about the system that will be used for your crown.

3 - GBR bone regeneration procedure

You most likely need bone regeneration if you have been toothless for a long time. This process is carried out when the implant is placed right away following tooth extraction or when there is insufficient bone to support the implant. The expense of the material required to create the artificial bone makes this surgery more expensive.

4 - Operating dentist

Because there are variations in implant placement cases, the expertise and experience of the operator executing the intervention is crucial. Undoubtedly, a dentist with experience in this area may charge more.

5 - Crown aesthetics over implant

In recent years, there has been a significant evolution in the dental materials used in crown fabrication. The use of 3D tools and scanners frequently streamlines and improves the accuracy of laboratory operations. Certain aspects are unreplaceable by technology, no matter how advanced it becomes.

Patients frequently lament that their set teeth lack life, saying things like “They look fake, without color, just white without life.” This is a result of the set teeth lacking the proper quantity of color layers and pigments to give the tooth a natural appearance. A natural tooth’s creation is an artistic endeavor, and the only laboratories in Albania that can pull it off are pricey and take time to get the best possible aesthetics.

6 - Low cost dental clinics in Tirana and dental tourism

The dental materials that are utilized to make dental crowns have changed significantly in the last many years. A laboratory’s job is frequently made easier and more accurate by the use of 3D gadgets and scanners. There are some things that technology will never be able to replace.

Patients often express dissatisfaction over the set teeth’s lack of life, saying things like “They look fake, without color, just white with life.” This is because the set teeth lack the proper quantity of color layers and pigments to give the impression that the teeth are natural. Making a natural tooth is an artistic endeavor, and the only laboratories in Albania that are capable of producing such teeth are costly and take time to produce the best possible aesthetic results.

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