Fluorosis is the internal permanent stain visible on the surface of the teeth. It is not possible to brush off and also not possible to remove with teeth whitening. 

What causes dental fluorosis?

Excessive  sodium fluoride intake through develompmental stages of a child usually throug ingested fluoridates tap water or other sources of fluoride like toothpaste, cause permanent stains on your teeth. They could be manifested as a yellow line or white spots. These are called internal stains.BECAREFUL:  Excessive fluoride intake by children sometimes could cause damage to the nervous system especially children. 

Should we use fluoride suplements?

In no way or form does the body require fluoride as a component for cell growth. We oppose ingesting fluoride, even though the major dental groups worldwide advocate it as a crucial component, research show that fluoride could be toxic and since it is not required by your body its better to be safe. Fluoride can be delivered directly to teeth (topically, using toothpaste or professional dental treatment) and not through the body (systemically, via water or pharmaceutical supplements), as many dentists and specialist physicians recommend. We strongly suggest you do your research and decide for your self. 

how to remove fluorosis?

Micro etching:Teeth whitening is not the right procedure to remove fluorosis. In fact it makes them appear even more. The only procedure to atempt removing the stains is through chemicals that might damage your enamel.  An acid is placed on your teeth for 15 seconds. It will make your enamel porous and presumably will fade the sttains. After a coat of resin material is applied and cured with a dental light. It s the same procedure as a dental filling only the amount of dental filling material is in the form of liquid. 

Composite bonding and ceramic veneers:Both procedures are to invasive and traumatic for the enamel of your teeth. 

These are the options available as of 2024. We hope that in the near future more studies will me done and more effective treatments will evolve.

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