Brushing your teeth the wrong way! – What is ABFRACTION

Using the toothbrush in the wrong way can cause receding gums and root exposure. This sometimes causes sensitivity and excruciating pain. Many people have the wrong concept of why they brush their teeth. “The harder you use it, the better” this is a wrong concept that can cost you up to the loss of teeth from the phenomenon called abfraction, which is mainly caused by the aggressive use of the toothbrush.

  1. Opt for an “extra soft” toothbrush for best results.

  2. When brushing, maintain a 45-degree angle towards the gingiva, ensuring that the bristles of the brush clean the teeth without contacting the gingiva directly.

  3. Avoid applying excessive force while brushing.

  4. Instead of using a “left-right” or “up-down” motion, always brush in a circular manner for optimal effectiveness.


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